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Oleg & Marianna 
spokesman & spokeswoman of Grogy 
Hi, we will be in touch with you if any problem!
Please, refer to GROGY FAQ before contact us at  ceo@grogy.eu . Glad to see you on our web.

Grogy-school-on-line is an international anti-drug campaign run throughout (via) the Internet. It takes all the advantages of a high speed world wide web (known as an Internet or for short as "www" or the web) connections in combination with "brainstorming", self-expression and creativity of a group of individuals in a single school, classroom. Internet is the medium that can deliver presentation of that kind to any remotest school, student or child, in the big city or in a small village.* 
After more than 5 years of active "off-line" anti-drug campaign, we have decided to upgrade to the Internet version, to switch to and use the Google Apps, as one of the most standardised and known environment, to be as user-friendly as possible for potential end user - for you!
Grogy school on-line offers learning through adventure, learning by doing what are you teaching. Grogy school on-line represents modern platform to see, to discuss video-clips and storyboards already done or even to create new storyboards by your own.
There are three prizes of minimum 1 000 Euro for participant of the contest prepared.
1. The best verbally (text) expressed idea or theme of the future storyboard, video-clip 
2. The best storyboard consisting of approximately of 6-8  frames 
3. The best animated video-clip
voting form from 2008
Grogy Mobil 2006 - 2010 - off-line campaign since 1997
Terms and conditions will be published on www.grogy.eu