It's easy *
Familiarise with Disclaimer
1. Click on All in a row 1) ►13) on left-side menu
2. Play the videos again, using step by step projections 01), 02), 03) >>>
3. On condition you have had identify with Disclaimer and idea of the project as well, go to the next step...
4. Donate any sum to the project using DONATE button in GROGY DONATE section;
5. After receiving an entry code go to DOWNLOAD SECTION to get access to download applications, voting forms, storaboard samples and all the rest you will need, to vote, to create your own storyboards, to take part in Grogy content for 3 x 1000 Euros, 
In DOWNLOAD SECTION click on Quickmenu and follow the instructions... 
For donation use this entry button, please