• We beleave in tolerance

  • Grogy is not FAF - fanatic anti-drug fighter. 
  • He is human-like being as we all are
  • Pupils, students and teens are thinking beings not ignorant and non-educational apes;
  • Mums, furthers, teacher, tutors and all the rest of oldies are not prefect at all and moreover, they are interesting in the opinions of their own children, young growth i.e. teen-agers; 
  • You/we do not accept any racial, ethnic, cultural or religious motivated prejudices or attacks at all.
*  Why via Internet? 


Be the one of the first one who speaks candidly about drugs with young people through the young language - through the medium of 21th century - via Internet and World Wide Web. 

                                                    EduEx - excellent & extr@ordinary education - excellent & extr@ordinary solutions 

Make no mistake about it, the Web is the most important platform of our generation. And becouse it's a platform controlled by none of us, it's the only platform that truly belongs to all of us. 

                                                    Vic Gundotra - vice president of engineering for Google, 

Yes, I will support media projects because in spite of growing general opinion, I think it works, at least for those who are open to, keen and sensitive for true information. 

                                                    Radek John - leader of Public Affairs (VV) - political party